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If we will only take the time to pay attention and listen from our hearts to what speaks to us, we will see that beauty always surrounds us.
~ Kelly McCombs
Media Favorite
Kelly's work has appeared in local, national, and international media, as well as on TV. Whether she's designing interiors for national magazine covers, commercial spaces for businesses, comprehensive interior design make-overs for homes, or kitchen re-dos, Kelly is always in demand and on the go.
Timeless Work
Through the years I've learned to work with clients and their own individual needs for a timeless quality, and unpretentious way of living coupled with a charm of their own. I love obsessing over industrial materials, antiques, vintage things and a cabinet-of-curiosities-style tableaux while most of my peers are now stuck on modernism. My work is not only about creative design, it's about creating an environment. My mind straddles the line between the distance of the past and the present. It's hard to put a label on your style but when I try and define my own look, I keep coming back to words 'timeless and natural'. I have always loved the imperfections of things from the past and present. My appreciation for Nature is an inspiration  in all my work. Flowers are as much a part of the home as they are outside of the home. Everyone needs more flowers in their lives. The colors and textures are rich and timeless themselves. . When it's all said and done, you're home is a creation of a life removed from pressures, schedules and concerns of everyday life. Timeless.
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